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It is good to be home: Apple MacBook MB881LL/A 13.3-inch laptop

My first Apple was an Apple II Plus way back in 1980. Five hundred dollars apiece 5.25 readers still haunt me. Then came 1985 and I joined Microsoft and Apple has sold my box of things. Since then I have a Windows user, both personally and professionally, finishing third career as a person who manages hundreds of systems of systems, servers, etc. etc. At retirement (which the other three laptops and five desktop, Linux, XP, Vista and OS X now) I started to dabble again in the Apple world. I think it’s Vista that pushed me on the edge, and all the bad guys who try our Vista machines PC from viruses and malware to infect. Dante, a new circle of hell for them.
I first tried a MacMini to try the operating system. It was not easy to upgrade, but I did – more HD and more memory. I love this little machine and it was cheap.
When my old laptop Toshiba has started to show signs of death. Time for a decision. I could continue my test machine Dell D600 laptop (computer sound) with three swapping hard drives – Linux, FreeBSD and Windows XP (yes, I know), or make the switch to Apple for proper use.
Retired and semi-poor, I did some research and went with this new white MacBook 2.0. First update that you have the HD and memory, but that is easy and cheap. The Momentus 320/7200 Crucial memory and the way forward, and your total cost about $ 130. Use SuperDuper to clone the disk is dead simple.
The MacWhite is a bit ugly, no doubt. Even my wife who is very practical, user’s computer without frills and never cared what a computer looks like, as long as it works, said it was an ugly thing, yes? And yes, for the same price you can feel faster laptop with bigger screen. But hey, for a bigger screen, I use my MacMini in a beautiful old LCD 19 inches. Computers for the series, for travel, for packing around, and for everyday use. If you do not agree and you want both, then by all means spend a few large and get with the large screen of 17 inches.
In general I like that: OS is a dream to use, better ergonomics, better than most software and no time lost on all the stuff you need to do to safely XP / Vista and works correctly. Are the ancestors Unix? I think so. Weight and size are perfect for my needs. It is portable and close quickly to national and foreign networks. I love that they kept the SuperDrive and FireWire have they added. I love the keyboard and ease of cleaning of the case.
Things I would change if old Apple has hired the boys in the trenches: The keyboard on this model is probably not as cool as the more expensive model, a black model would cost a lot to offer the same price, the display correct, but probably not as cool as the $ 1250 model of the machine with the aluminum casing and backlit display. Who has a smaller footprint – polycarbonate or aluminum? Who knows. It is difficult and will not bite.
If you want good luck, but not fashion conscious Place, this course is for you. Savings Take 3 or 4 hundred dollars and buy a few extra goodies – Bluetooth mouse, case, and some more software updates and you’ll be much happier.
If you are a player, go upscale or enjoy a high-end PCs. I’m on my MacMini Fusion package and Vista gets only once a month. I’ll try the routine Boot Camp on this laptop as Windows 7 is worth something, so by then I can be completely brainwashed and have Linux and OS X? Ubuntu is certainly a long way.
The price schedule can be improved for Apple products, but again, sometimes even a Lexus is a better deal than a new Chevrolet.
I give it 4.5 stars. Good luck and enjoy your MacBook.
Postscript Oh yes, there are many good videos, teaching materials, etc to your PC for Mac. And one last thing: the key to their elimination is weird: it’s really a backspace key, but you can fool, always a PC Backspace key, hold down the Fn key while you use it, then forward if we are accustomed to old computer geeks.